When Is the FAFSA Available This Year? Nobody Knows

"Millions of students, parents and financial aid workers want to know: WTF — where’s the FAFSA?" Money writes.

... "Last month, a dozen major higher education associations — including ACE — wrote a letter to the Education Department pressing for more details."

"'We are not requesting that the form be released on an accelerated timeline,' the Oct. 13 letter states, '[but] the continued lack of a public release date compromises our members’ ability to do all they can to support a smooth rollout.'"

"Signatories told Money that the Department of Education has not responded to, or even acknowledged, the letter."

"'A delayed launch of the application this year is undoubtedly disappointing,' says Allie Arcese, a spokesperson for the nonprofit National Association of Financial Aid Administrators (NAFSAA), which also signed the letter to the Department of Education."

"'But what would be even more damaging is a rushed and unstable release, or a security breach,' she adds. 'We understand that these monumental changes will ultimately make the process better for students, and we need to get them right.'"

"Back in March, the Education Department announced that the new FAFSA's release date would be some time in December. Legally, the department must release the FAFSA by January 1, 2024. Still, many experts are worried by the lack of specificity."

"'We don't know when the FAFSA will come out,' Justin Draeger, president and CEO of NAFSAA, said in a podcast episode released Thursday."

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Publication Date: 11/9/2023

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