Will FAFSA Overhaul Leave College Dreams In Jeopardy? Financial Aid Faces Major Delays

"In a year already marked by difficulties for college-bound students, a new challenge is on the rise with the anticipated delay in financial aid letters," International Business Times reports.

..."'With this last-minute news, our nation's colleges are once again left scrambling as they determine how best to work within these new timelines to issue aid offers as soon as possible. So the students who can least afford higher education aren't the ones who ultimately pay the price for these missteps,' noted Justin Draeger, President of the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators.

The delay in FAFSA information can be connected to the overhaul mandated by Congress in 2019 and 2020 to simplify the application process. While the updated system aims to streamline FAFSA and expand aid eligibility, it can also cause delays and technical issues.

This delay puts high school seniors under extra pressure, as they now have limited time to evaluate cost when deciding on a college. In an usual year, financial aid award letters come with admission letters, allowing students few weeks to compare offers before the National College Decision Day on May 1."

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Publication Date: 2/1/2024

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