Department of Education Lends Colleges a Hand After FAFSA Backlash

"More than a month after the Education Department’s rocky launch of its new Free Application for Federal Student Aid, the agency on Monday detailed new plans to support colleges struggling to accommodate a series of delays and hitches. But the plan didn’t go as far as many college and university administrators were hoping," Inside Higher Ed reports.

"But even the most optimistic attendees were puzzled by the department’s refusal to assume any responsibility for the challenges the rollout has presented.

NASFAA president Justin Draeger said there would be 'time for that later' and that 'it’s never too little or too late' for much-needed assistance to help colleges serve students. As a nonprofit partner, NASFAA will play a significant role in the department’s plan, though the details on how exactly it will help facilitate those resources are still being ironed out, Draeger said.

'The department is focusing on [determining] which schools need the most help right now,' he said. 'Our part of the equation is, how do we bring the resources to bear and recruit the experts to come in?'

In the meantime, NASFAA has several outstanding requests for the department—first and foremost, loosening income verification requirements for institutions, he said. College financial aid officers have also asked the department to communicate realistic time frames and next steps to students, increase the availability of customer support, and pause 'non-urgent oversight activities.'"

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Publication Date: 2/6/2024

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