Partial FAFSA Fix Lets Students from Immigrant Families Apply for Financial Aid

"Students whose parents lack a Social Security number can finally fill out federal financial aid forms after the Biden administration announced a workaround Tuesday for one of the most glaring problems with what was supposed to be a simpler, easier form," Chalkbeat reports.

..."Department officials said Tuesday evening that they would set up a new email list to keep students and families who’ve been affected by this issue in the loop on updates.

Without a fix, American high school students whose parents are undocumented could end up at the back of the line for financial aid, especially in the states — including Illinois, Indiana, and Tennessee — that distribute aid on a first-come, first-served basis, the lawmakers note.

Justin Draeger, who heads the nonprofit National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators, said in a statement that he worried the temporary solution would be 'confusing and burdensome' to many students and families and that it was imperative that the department met its mid-March deadline for a permanent fix.

'Any further delays would be disastrous for both students and schools,' Draeger wrote."

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Publication Date: 2/20/2024

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