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The Office of Federal Student Aid (FSA) in its five-year strategic plan did not have documented processes in place to ensure that the goals, objectives, and performance indicators outlined in the plan were effective, according to a recent report from the Department of Education’s (ED) internal watchdog.


NASFAA's Blue Icon Advisors hosts Let's Talk events to give you the opportunity to engage with peers, learn from presenters and each other, share information, and discuss best practices. Join us at either 11:00 a.m. or 2:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, September 23 to share your financial literacy ideas and learn what your colleagues are doing with their financial wellness programs, including how they're supporting alumni as they begin loan repayment. There is no cost to attend, but registration is required.

The NASFAA website and all related services are scheduled for a planned outage between Friday, October 8–Monday, October 11 as we conduct system maintenance. Please plan accordingly, and we appreciate your patience. As a reminder, we are requiring all NASFAA site users to update their myNASFAA passwords. You will be prompted to do so upon your next visit to the site; simply select a new password, and you'll be redirected to your intended location. If you bypass the request, you'll be reminded upon subsequent visits until it is updated. If you don't complete this process by October 8, 2021, you'll be forced to reset the password on your next visit, and unable to access the site until you do so. You can visit the Change Password page now to update your information, and skip the reminder process if you prefer.

NASFAA's Rapid Response Network (RRN) provides timely feedback on student aid issues to NASFAA staff, which is then used in NASFAA's policy and advocacy work with Congress and the Department of Education. Communication is done through a listserv, and RRN members are asked to provide feedback relevant to their own institution or experiences. If interested, please review the charter use this form to apply to volunteer no later than 5:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday, September 15, 2021. Please note, members who are already on the RRN Listserv from previous years will remain on the RRN listserv unless they ask to be removed.

Ready to get certified? The next testing window will be open Wednesday, September 15– Wednesday, September 29, 2021. If your application has already been approved, purchase the certification knowledge exam and schedule your session online. If you haven’t applied yet, complete your application online today. Learn more about the testing process and make sure you meet all of the technical requirements. Utilize the Exam Preparation Guide to aid you in your studies.




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