OTC Inside the Beltway: Debriefing Negotiated Rulemaking, New Gainful Employment Regulations, and Influx of Borrower Defense Claims

This week on "Off The Cuff," Justin and Karen are joined by Jon Fansmith, the American Council on Education's senior vice president of government relations and national engagement, to discuss how Congress avoided a government shutdown and what that means for federal funding for the Office of Federal Student Aid. The team then discusses the upcoming negotiated rulemaking sessions for student debt relief, including the issue paper the Department of Education (ED) released before the October session, and ED's new gainful employment regulations. Justin and Karen also address concerns aid offices have about an influx of borrower defense to repayment claims. 


Justin Draeger Karen McCarthy Maria Carrasco Jonathan Fansmith
Justin Draeger
President and CEO, NASFAA
Karen McCarthy
Vice President, NASFAA
Maria Carrasco
Jonathan Fansmith
Senior Vice President, ACE


Publication Date: 10/6/2023

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