Request a NASFAA Speaker at Your Event

Invite a NASFAA policy expert or elected leader to present at your organization's next conference or event! Having a NASFAA representative speak at your event:

  • Strengthens the agenda of your conference or meeting
  • Provides your attendees with an overview of federal policy and hot topics in financial aid legislation and regulation
  • For NASFAA Affiliated States and Regions: NASFAA covers travel costs; your association waives conference registration fees and covers housing costs

Review our new Speaking Engagement Session Offerings.

Please note that we have many more requests than staff can accommodate in a single year, and that preference is given to those who have not had a NASFAA speaker in recent years, the size of the NASFAA membership or event attendees, and to those that provide adequate advance notice. While we cannot guarantee availability of any particular speakers, possible speakers include NASFAA's officers (the sitting National Chair, Chair-Elect, or Past National Chair) and the following staff presenters.

NASFAA Officers and Staff

Brad Barnett Justin Draeger Helen Faith Brent Tener

Brad Barnett
National Chair

Justin Draeger
NASFAA President

Helen Faith
National Chair-Elect

Brent Tener
Past National Chair

Karen McCarthy Rachel Gentry Dana Kelly  

Karen McCarthy
Vice President of Public Policy and Federal Relations

Rachel Gentry
Director of Government Relations


Dana Kelly
Vice President of Professional Development and Institutional Compliance 



Request a NASFAA Speaker


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