Federal Pell Grant Program: 2024-25

2024-25 Federal Pell Grant Program Self-Study Guide

The Federal Pell Grant Program self-study guide begins with a brief discussion of how the FAFSA Simplification Act changed the way the grant is calculated and disbursed. Additionally, a review of terminology and concepts important to understanding the packaging process for the grant program is provided. Building on this foundation, the next two lessons detail how to select the correct formula to calculate Pell Grant amounts and illustrate the calculation process. The guide concludes with a discussion of additional considerations, including the treatment of summer terms, determining eligibility for transfer students, and recalculations. Completion of this self-study guide qualifies individuals to take the corresponding NASFAA Professional Credential test.


Published February 2024

Learning Objectives

Lesson 1: Introduction to Federal Pell Grant Program 

  • Have a basic understanding of the Federal Pell Grant program; and
  • Be able to define key terms and concepts impacting Federal Pell Grant eligibility.

Lesson 2: Selecting the Appropriate Formula: Term-Based Programs 

  • Understand how to select the appropriate formula for term-based programs; and
  • Know how to calculate a Federal Pell Grant award for a term-based program.

Lesson 3: Selecting the Appropriate Formula: Clock-Hour and Nonterm  Credit-Hour Programs 

  • Learn how to select the appropriate formula for nonterm programs; and
  • Understand how to calculate Federal Pell Grant using the appropriate formula.

Lesson 4: Additional Considerations 

  • Learn what other factors can affect Federal Pell Grant calculations; and
  • Understand how other factors can affect Federal Pell Grant processing.
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