Diversity Leadership Program Testimonials

DLP LogoHear from some of our previous DLP participants below.

My experience with NASFAA's DLP was amazing! The program has connected me with many awesome peers and a mentor that has taught me valuable professional advice. I've been exposed to various opportunities because of DLP and recently joined NASFAA's Ethic Commission as a member. I'm looking forward to continued collaboration with my DLP cohort and NASFAA.

- Quinton Taylor (2021-22 DLP Class)

I gained a wealth of experience and knowledge on how to navigate institutional structures and become a better administrator.

- Jayson Matlock  (2020-21 DLP Class)

My experience with NASFAA DLP has been extremely beneficial and I highly encourage every eligible person to apply. The most important aspect of this program in for me was being able to meet regularly with a mentor and discuss topics across the gamut of easy and hard, large and small. I also personally enjoyed getting to know my cohort and bonding with them throughout the different in person events such as Karaoke in D.C. and riding scooters in Austin. It was also beneficial for us to all be very similar in our positions to be able to have difficult discussions broaching issues like inclusivity, diversity, ethnicity, and equity action. 

- Carlos Garcia  (2019-20 DLP Class)

Throughout this whole program, it has been clear that NASFAA is taking action and walking the talk of making sure that everyone is seen and heard. Everyone has a voice, and we are stronger when we break down barriers to make sure there is true equity in our processes and profession.

- Kelly Carrell (2018-19 DLP Class)

It is an excellent program that provides exposure and networking opportunities for the participants. It takes you beyond the financial aid office experiences and connects you with legislation and the policymaking process.

- Samreen Khurram (2018-19 DLP Class)

I would highly recommend FAA's who are interested in furthering their careers and advancing in the field apply for the DLP. Through the DLP, I was able to meet and interact with some very dynamic people as "brothers" and "sisters" in the cohort. I am also appreciative to NASFAA for putting the effort forward to help FAA's at member institutions take the next step in securing the pipeline for the future of the profession.

- Dameion Lovett (2018-19 DLP Class)

I'm thankful for the opportunity to be a part of the inaugural DLP group.  Our cohort is a pretty amazing group of financial aid professionals. The opportunity to learn about our profession and the great things that folks are doing from the institutional to the national level has been pretty awesome!

- Sylvia Martinez (2018-19 DLP Class)

The DLP has been very instrumental in my involvement with my state association (DE-DC-MDASFAA). The Leadership and Legislative Conference and Expo's Association Governance Pathway was an amazing experience and definitely prepared me for the Federal Relations Chair role at Tri-State.

- Christopher Pollard (2018-19 DLP Class)


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