Joining NASFAA Frequently Asked Questions

What is NASFAA?

NASFAA is the largest postsecondary education association with institutional membership in Washington, DC, and the only national association with a primary focus on student aid legislation, regulatory analysis, and training for financial aid administrators in all sectors of post-secondary education. No other national association serves the needs of the financial aid community better or more effectively.

How do I join NASFAA?

NASFAA has three types of membership: Institutional, Associate, and Retiree. 

How much is NASFAA Membership?

NASFAA dues depend on the type of membership appropriate for your institution or organization.  

  • Institutional Membership - Several dues levels are available to accommodate the wide variety of budgets and staff sizes.
  • Associate Members - Dues levels vary based on the appropriate subcategory.
  • Retiree Group - Members pay a one-time fee of $50 and a yearly fee of $25.

What are benefits to joining NASFAA?

Benefits include Today’s News, a daily email newsletter, access to exclusive content and online tools, discounts on events and training materials (some are included, depending on the package selected), networking opportunities, and more. See the Membership Benefits brochure for an overview.

The membership application requests a Full Time Enrollment (FTE) number. How do I find this?

This PDF outlines how to find your school's 2016 FTE number for your 2016-17 membership dues.

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