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S.2949 — Ensuring Military Access to Higher Education Benefits Act of 2023

Sponsor: Sen. Cortez [D-NV]
Introduced: 09/27/2023
NASFAA Summary & Analysis: This bill would require ED to complete a data-sharing agreement with the Department of Defense to automatically certify the employment of current and former military service members with the purpose of being counted towards the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) program. 

H.R.1078 — Veteran Education Empowerment Act

Sponsor: Frankel [Rep.-D-FL]
Introduced: 02/17/2023
NASFAA Summary & Analysis: This bill would establish grant programs in order to create, maintain, and operate Student Veteran Centers at colleges and universities.. These centers would be designed to aid student veterans as they transition from military to civilian life. Higher education institutions would need to apply for the grant through ED and meet certain criteria. 

H.R.1001 — Military and Veteran Caregiver Student Loan Relief Act of 2023

Sponsor: Connolly [Rep.-D-VA]
Introduced: 02/14/2023
NASFAA Summary & Analysis: This bill would add an individual’s service as a veteran family caregiver as a public service job for purposes of the public service loan forgiveness program.

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Publication Date: 9/27/2023

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