Benefits of Being a NASFAA Member

We asked NASFAA members to tell us what they value most about their NASFAA membership. Read on to see what they said.

Scott Cline

Scott Cline, Vice President of Enrollment Management and Auxiliary Services, California College of the Arts

  "In these times of uncertainty, our NASFAA membership is more valuable than ever. Through advocating on our behalf, in its interpretation of current circumstances, and with its training and development initiatives that directly impacts the work we do, NASFAA rises to the challenges we face daily. The return on investment to the leadership of our institutions is many magnitudes larger than our membership dues. There is no organization I'd rather have in my corner right now than NASFAA."


Samantha Veeder

Samantha Veeder, Associate Dean of College Enrollment, Director of Financial Aid, University of Rochester

  "Membership in NASFAA is by far the most important professional development resource available to financial aid administrators, and receiving NASFAA's Today's News in our inboxes each weekday morning is the most beneficial tool. It provides us with updates from NASFAA and the Department of Education, but also includes references to industry related articles and resources. It's basically a ‘one-stop shop' for all of our regulatory and professional needs that are critical to successfully doing our jobs."

Brent Tener

Brent Tener, Director, Student Financial Aid and Scholarships
University Enrollment Affairs, Vanderbilt University

  "Having worked in higher education for over 30 years, I have seen the ups and downs that are part of the economical cycle.  Now, more than ever, the advice and guidance of NASFAA and NASFAA members is crucial to not only being effective in what we do, but remaining compliant with ever changing rules and regulations. The investment in my NASFAA membership is a fundamental part of staying current and training my staff."

Kelly Morrissey

Kelly A. Morrissey, Director of Financial Aid, Community College of Rhode Island

  "At the Community College of Rhode Island, our NASFAA dues provide measurable value all year long. Our staff in the financial aid office and other enrollment departments participate in unlimited webinars which deliver up-to-the-minute professional development without ever leaving the office. NASFAA's advocacy on issues that really matter to our students has yielded meaningful results. AskRegs is our go-to resource for accurate answers to the daily questions that arise that require the interpretation of federal regulations. And most importantly, the opportunity to belong to an organization that is really making a difference in our profession: priceless!"

Lori Vedder

Lori Vedder, Director, Office of Financial Aid, University of Michigan-Flint

  "I cannot express enough the gratitude we at the University of Michigan-Flint office of financial aid have for the National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA). The AskRegs Knowledgebase and the delivery of Today's News is, simply put, invaluable to our office! Having financial aid headlines at our fingertips every morning, and a reliable and up-to-date searchable FAQ tool 24/7 helps keep us on top of our game. Having the NASFAA team working expeditiously on sharing information and providing high quality and informative webinars during this time of the COVID-19 pandemic has been a tremendous help in our decision-making process and in providing reassurance that our profession is getting the most accurate information available." 
Jan A. Belton, Director of Financial Aid-Carolinas Campus, Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine   "I am and will be forever grateful for the wonderful job NASFAA staff does keeping us all up-to-date with things financial-aid-related. The most recent webinars (with the thousands of participants) have been truly informative and truly worth many times the annual membership fee in and of themselves."

Brad Barnett

Brad Barnett, Financial Aid Director, Office of Financial Aid & Scholarships, James Madison University

  "Financial aid is a complicated world, with rules often changing at a rapid pace. NASFAA is the ‘go to' resource for us. Their advocacy work in legislation, and ability to quickly get answers to questions about existing regulations, is amazing! Personally, I'm not sure how we would ever replace the benefits we receive from NASFAA if we didn't have our membership."

Mendy Schmerer

Mendy Schmerer, Director, Office of Student Financial Aid, University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

  "Our NASFAA membership is invaluable to my staff and me. Today's News is typically the first thing I read every morning. AskRegs is an easy to use and interpret knowledgebase, and is often the first place I look before heading to the Department of Education's Information for Financial Aid Professionals (IFAP) website. Webinars are a hugely important component for training of staff and maintaining compliance. Finally, I'm looking forward to utilizing the P&P Builder this year to polish up my office's Policies and Procedures. Financial aid can be so very complex, but everything NASFAA provides makes things easier to understand and implement."

Andrew Hammontree

Andrew Hammontree, Director of Financial Aid, Francis Tuttle Technology Center

  "Anytime I have a question that I can't answer by reading the Department of Education's Federal Student Aid (FSA) Handbook, I turn to NASFAA's AskRegs Knowledgebase. I can almost always find the solution in their archives."
Krysta Wood, Financial Aid Counselor, Southwestern College   "I love listening to NASFAA's Off The Cuff podcast. It's low key and they always have good information that keeps us up-to-date on regulatory changes. They also simplify the information so that it is easier to understand."  


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