Results of the NASFAA’s Quick Scan on Financial Aid Priority and Awarding Dates

The Prior Prior-Year (PPY) Implementation Task Force and NASFAA staff have analyzed the results of our “quick scan survey” about financial aid priority and awarding dates. These results represent 235 respondents and should be treated as preliminary as they may not be statistically representative of NASFAA’s entire membership base.  

The results show that while most schools had not changed their priority deadlines as of the time the survey was distributed, many schools still had not decided on the date they would/will send early action/decision and regular financial aid award letters to students. Of the schools that have set dates:

  • The most popular month for financial aid priority deadlines remains March 2017, followed by February 2017;
  • Fewer than one-quarter of respondents indicated a priority deadline before the end of 2016;  
  • Of those who set early action decision notification dates, most were planning on November or December notifications; 
  • March is the most popular month for regular financial aid notification of those who responded, but a significant portion of respondents are planning to send notifications in late 2016; and
  • Public and private four-year institutions were most likely to have set notification dates and more likely to have changed them than schools in other sectors while the majority of schools in all sectors did not make a change to priority filing dates.  

NASFAA plans to conduct a more extensive survey in the spring about the PPY/Early FAFSA implementation and hopes to have more complete information to share to help inform members’ decision making in the future. We appreciate your participation in these surveys.

Should you have any questions regarding the results of this survey feel free to email NASFAA’s Research Department at [email protected].  


Publication Date: 12/9/2016

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