Most Misunderstood Topics: R2T4 and Modules

When it comes to regulations and guidance, there are many nuances that can make certain concepts difficult to understand in different situations. In this series, NASFAA will highlight commonly misunderstood topics, and direct readers to resources that can best address popular questions on each topic. Many financial aid professionals, for example, struggle with the return of Title IV funds and programs offered in modules.

The following resources from NASFAA's AskRegs Knowledgebase address some of the most common questions.

How Would You Characterize the Primary Differences in R2T4 Procedures Between a Module School and a Nonmodule School?

When a Student Withdraws and Does Not Attend a Later Module, Is Aid Recalculation Required Before the R2T4 Calculation?

If a Student Withdraws From Module 1 and Subsequently Enrolls In a Later Module 2, Do We Use the Initial Pell Calculation from Module 1?

Do We Include Charges for Module 2 In the R2T4 Calculation If They Are Not Charged Up-Front for the Payment Period?

How Many Days Are Included in the R2T4 Calculation When a Student Drops Module 2 Before the Payment Period Begins?


Publication Date: 10/17/2017

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