NASFAA’s 12 Tools of Compliance

On the first day of membership NASFAA made available to me: These 12 super-fabulous compliance tools! Being a member of NASFAA has its perks, especially when it comes to having access to numerous compliance tools at your fingertips. Here is a small sample of NASFAA offerings that can help you effectively administer Title IV financial aid programs:

Today's News


1. Today’s News

Staying updated on the latest guidance from the Department of Education, discussions on student aid policy, and NASFAA training opportunities will help ensure your office remains in compliance with Title IV provisions. 

Ask Regs Icon


2. AskRegs

When you have one of those, "What do we do if…?" questions, search our Knowledgebase of answers or submit your own inquiry. Our team will research your question and provide a comprehensive answer, including applicable citations. Members only.

NASFAA U Online Course Logo


3. Online Courses*

We offer in-depth training on a wide range of topics for all levels of aid administrators, from an Overview of the Financial Aid Programs and Verification, to the Return of Title IV Funds and Cash Management. Completing an online course qualifies you to sit for the test for the applicable NASFAA Professional Credential.

NASFAA U Self Study Guides


4. Self-Study Guides*

If you’re interested in independent training, self-study guides are available and include quizzes, exercises, and reflective questions to help reinforce compliance with Title IV rules. They also make great reference materials! Downloading a self-study guide also qualifies you to sit for the test for the applicable NASFAA Professional Credential.


5. Webinars*

NASFAA webinars encompass a wide range of topics, including policy updates, topical town halls, and spotlights on common compliance issues. Registering for a webinar also provides you access to the recording for up to 12 months.

NASFAA Self-Evaluation Checklists


6. Compliance Engine: Self-Evaluation Checklists

Schools may use the Compliance Engine to complete a comprehensive, collaborative self-evaluation of their federal financial aid operations. (If you want one of your peers to complete an assessment instead, see numbers 10 & 11 below.) Members only.

P&P Builder


7. Compliance Engine: P&P Builder*

One of the biggest compliance issues schools face is compiling complete policies and procedures manual. Using the P&P Builder, schools can easily create a centralized and accessible policies and procedures manual through the Compliance Engine. Members only.

Blue Icon


8. Blue Icon Advisors*

From new aid director coaching and enrollment management advising, to operations reviews and compliance assessments, Blue Icon offers a wide array of services for your institution and financial aid staff.

SAI Find It Fast


9. Student Aid Index

The Student Aid Index provides you with a cross-referenced listing of Title IV rules, regulations, ED guidance, and NASFAA information by topic. You can search a single keyword or phrase and find all the relevant resources to help you remain in compliance.



10. Compiled Legislation & Regulation

Our Compliance Engine, P&P Builder, and Student Aid Index all feed information from our Complied Legislation and Regulation tool. These pages will show you the current rules, as well as language that will go into effect at a later date. Members only.

SOE Logo


11. Standards of Excellence*

NASFAA offers comprehensive, objective, and confidential peer reviews conducted by practicing financial aid administrators. A Standards of Excellence peer review has a lot of similarities to a Department of Education program review, but in addition to identifying compliance issues, we also highlight school strengths and recommend ways to increase efficiency, effectively use technology, and improve customer service. Members only.

SOE Consumer Information Assessment


12. Consumer Information Assessment*

We also provide a peer review focused only on a school’s Consumer Information disclosure and reporting requirements. As with full Standards of Excellence Reviews, this evaluation is confidential, and provides recommendations in addition to detecting compliance deficiencies. Members only.


*Additional costs may apply.


Publication Date: 12/23/2020

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