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Susan SwisherSusan Swisher
Executive Director of Financial Aid
Saint Xavier University

Meet Susan Swisher. Susan has worked in financial aid for more than 35 years. She got her start in the field during the last semester of her senior year at the University of Iowa, when she took a job working for American College Testing (ACT), a company that formerly provided federal processing of need analysis data. Susan then returned home to Chicago and began working to administer financial aid to students for DeVry Education Group, which had just opened a new campus nearby. The rest, Susan said, is history. For the past 25 years and counting, Susan has worked at Saint Xavier University, where she has enjoyed working with "a close-knit group of colleagues who are student-driven." Over the years, Susan said, she is grateful to have received "support from of all offices of the university in recognizing the importance of regulatory guidance."

Susan has served on the NASFAA Board of Directors as the Midwest Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators (MASFAA) regional representative, NASFAA's Nominations and Elections Committee, and NASFAA's Thought Force on Aligning State, Regional & National Efforts. Susan was also awarded the Regional Leadership Award at NASFAA's 2019 National Conference.

Susan's OfficeHow have you experienced innovation in your career in financial aid?
When I started in financial aid, administering financial aid was primarily a manual process. As technology advanced, our offices became more automated and efficient in administering financial aid. These efficiencies led to higher customer satisfaction levels of the students and families we serve.

What is a goal you've set for yourself for the upcoming year?
I have been working on becoming more fit physically since I am pain-free and able to walk longer distances that I couldn't in the past. I plan to continue that process during the upcoming year. 
Susan's catsWhat is one superpower you would like to have?
I would like to be able to talk to my cats. I have two. They are litter mates and inseparable. I am always wondering what they are saying to each other, to me, and, in particular, what they have been doing when I am sleeping or away from home.
What is your favorite quote?
"Let us take one day only in hands at a time. Resolve to do good today and better tomorrow," by Catherine McAuley, the founder of the Sisters of Mercy. 
If you could learn any skill, what would it be?
I would like to be a better public speaker. Early on in my career, I was a nervous wreck every time I got in front of a group. While those nerves have gone away, if I could speak impromptu rather than having a script to guide me, I would be thankful.   
What is something you always wanted to do?
I enjoy traveling, and was fortunate to do some traveling in Europe and had the opportunity to visit England, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland. Unfortunately, I have not been back in over 15 years and would like to return and visit other parts of Europe. 
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Publication Date: 12/17/2019

Karen L | 12/17/2019 12:48:18 PM

Congratulations Sue! I appreciate your dedication and friendship over the years!

Joseph D | 12/17/2019 12:36:00 PM

Well deserved, indeed! Congratulations, Sue!!

G. Michael J | 12/17/2019 11:28:23 AM

Congratulations, Sue! This is well-deserved recognition for an exemplary career.

Laura D | 12/17/2019 11:18:29 AM

This is so exciting! Congratulations, Sue!! I am so appreciative of your professional guidance and support.

Aaron S | 12/17/2019 10:8:28 AM

A very deserved honor to an awesome colleague and friend. Congratulations!

Shannon C | 12/17/2019 9:55:52 AM

Congratulations, Sue!!

Daniel M | 12/17/2019 9:35:43 AM

Congrats Sue on this overdue and much deserved recognition! You are a selfless leader and continue to do so much for the profession and our professional associations. I've enjoyed working with you throughout the years at the state, regional and national levels. I'm so honored that you are both a good friend and a terrific professional colleague! Congratulations, and hope you get to travel to Europe soon!!!

Marvin S | 12/17/2019 8:32:50 AM

Congrats Sue! You represent the best in our profession...well deserved recognition!

Lori V | 12/17/2019 8:11:20 AM

Congratulations Sue! Excited to see you as a NASFAA MVP!

Kim J | 12/17/2019 8:8:25 AM

Well deserved ..... congratulations, Sue ...

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