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All is not quiet on the northern front of the U.S. Capitol as Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) presses forward — working during a month typically reserved for congressional recess — to make headway on high profile spending bills that could push a number of higher education priorities to the forefront of floor debate. With three separate legislative vehicles seeing movement at the same time, it is likely that a number of administrative priorities could start to shape up in the weeks to come, while other campaign promises begin to dissipate.

NASFAA this week joined dozens of other higher education associations and organizations in a letter to congressional leadership calling on Congress to pass legislation to permanently protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients, commonly referred to as Dreamers. Citing recent legal action that puts DACA recipients in an even more precarious position and limits new applications for the program, the letter notes the urgent need for legislation from Congress to address the issue. "Only Congress can, once and for all, end the unacceptable legal and political limbo Dreamers—the young, undocumented, high-achieving individuals brought to our country as children—have been so unfairly and unnecessarily placed in for so long,” the letter states. 


Administrative capability is the term used to refer to an institution's ability to comply with the laws and regulations governing the Title IV student aid programs. The concept of administrative capability applies broadly to both an institution's demonstrated compliance with law and regulation, and its capacity to comply by demonstrating adequate numbers of properly trained staff and by having formal policies and procedures. NASFAA's Administrative Capability toolkit contains resources that may help ensure your campus is compliant with such tenants as being adequately resourced, adhering to the separation of functions, information sharing electronic processes, recordkeeping, and contingency planning. Among other resources, the toolkit provides links to Administrative Capability and Program Participation Agreements in the Student Aid Reference Desk, where you can find direct links to related regulations and more. Check out the toolkit and encourage others at your institution to do the same.




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