Prepay Training Option

Members now have the option, when paying their NASFAA dues renewal invoice, to provide an additional amount of their choosing to be held by NASFAA for use for future professional development, training, and eligible payments. 

Primary and secondary contacts at each institution or organization can set a desired prepay amount to be added to their invoice for payment in one of four ways. If a user adds a prepayment amount to the dues invoice, the desired amount will remain throughout the payment process, but can be adjusted by the primary or secondary contacts any time before payment is made. 

If after paying your dues invoice your institution determines it would like to provide additional funds to be held for future training opportunities, the primary or secondary contact from your institution/organization may return to, add the desired amount, and complete the new transaction by providing payment. 

Once paid, amounts are available for immediate use by any person on the institution/organization roster, upon approval by the primary contact. Visit Using Your NASFAA Credit Balance for additional information. 

Prepaid balances must be used by the end of NASFAA's fiscal year (June 30) regardless of when they were added. NASFAA will send occasional reminders to institutions and organizations with balances. 

For planning purposes, you may find the list of eligible products, opportunities, and events below. This list is not all inclusive; prices, eligibility, and availability are subject to change. Note that prepaid funds cannot be used for future membership dues, P&P Builder package, or Webinar package purchase. 


Estimated cost

NASFAA U Online Courses

$299 per registrant

NASFAA U Online Course Institutional/Organizational Registration

$980 per eligible course (includes up to 10 registrants on the roster)

Professional Credential Tests

$99 per test

Professional Credential Unlimited Package (Value Plus members, and available for purchase between April & August only)

$2,400 (unlimited tests for all users in the roster)

Self-Study Guides

$109 per guide

Live & On-Demand Webinars 

$120 per webinar

Certified Financial Aid Administrator® Program Components

$50-$375 per item, per user

Leadership & Legislative Conference & Expo Registration

Starting at $695 per registrant

National Conference Registration

Starting at $359 per registrant

Blue Icon Advisors Executive and Group Coaching

Starting at $895 per registrant


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