Legislative Tracker: Institutional Grant & Incentive Programs

On this page, you'll find proposals relating to institutional grant and incentive programs.

S. 3742 – ACCESS Act of 2024 

Sponsor: Sen. Kaine [D-VA]
Introduced: 2/06/24
NASFAA Summary & Analysis: This bill would create a competitive grant program for community colleges and states to focus on boosting work-based learning opportunities. In an effort to provide students with more opportunities to further their education and the support they need to be successful; this proposal would provide community colleges with grants of up to $1.5 million while community college systems would be eligible for up to $5 million. Individual states would also be eligible to receive grants to develop statewide policies that relate to work-based learning. 

H.R.2967/S.1344 — Emergency Grant Aid for College Students Act

Sponsor: Morelle [Rep.-D-NY] & Smith [Sen.-D-MN]
Introduced: 04/27/2023
NASFAA Summary & Analysis: This bill would amend the HEA to establish an emergency grant program. The grant program would be administered by institutions of higher education to assist college students during unanticipated events or emergencies, such as a sudden death in the family or medical bills. Any institution wanting to participate in the emergency grant program will need to submit an application to ED that describes the number of grants available and student eligibility criteria to receive a grant.

Publication Date: 2/6/2024

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