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Attigo® by Ascendium®: Cohort Catalyst® is a comprehensive student loan counseling service. It uses outreach, education and high touch counseling to help students achieve repayment success. Together we can provide your students with a robust support system that will help them navigate the challenging road ahead. Learn more about Attigo.


In the book titled "The State Must Provide: The Definitive History of Racial Inequality in American Higher Education," author Adam Harris reckons with the history of a higher education system that has systematically excluded Black people from its benefits. "The book is full of historical and personal accounts and is a great read for any higher education or education history buff. More importantly, though, Harris delves into the origins of racial inequity in higher education," writes Samantha Hicks, assistant vice president of financial aid and scholarships at Coastal Carolina University, who read the book and shared her opinions of its content with NASFAA. What follows are her takeaways, thoughts, and reflections.

In light of the Department of Education’s (ED) recent updates to the 2024-25 comment codes volume of the FAFSA Specifications Guide, NASFAA has updated its comment codes crosswalk document to reflect the changes. Please see NASFAA’s explainer of how the changes are reflected in the document before you dive in!

Federal Student Aid (FSA) on Tuesday released guidance for how institutions should treat residents of U.S. territories who file dual tax returns in the U.S. and with their local tax authority when their tax data is transferred through the FADDX. ED instructs institutions to use the Professional Judgment flag to correct IRS tax information to match the AGI and taxes paid from the applicant’s and/or contributor’s U.S. territory tax form. ED stressed that, despite use of the PJ flag, these corrections are not considered PJ and need not be made on a case-by-case basis.


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Every year, NASFAA recognizes outstanding members and other higher education stakeholders for their achievements and contributions to financial aid, students, and/or NASFAA. Nominate your colleagues for awards such as the Gold Star Award, the Robert P. Huff Golden Quill Award, and the Allan W. Purdy Distinguished Service Award, among others. Award winners will be announced this summer at the NASFAA 2024 national conference in Milwaukee, WI. Nominations are due Feb. 9, 2024 — submit yours today!





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