NASFAA Mention: Yes, You Can Request More College Financial Aid—Even During A Pandemic

"'I wish I had this when I started college after I had my son.' The quote is scribbled in the margins of my focus group guide, but it still grabs hold of my heart when I review my notes. In the five months before the COVID-19 pandemic, I led over 20 focus groups with college students, financial aid officers, and student advisors. Even then, financial stability was tenuous for millions of college students," Forbes reports.

"...With the upheaval from COVID-19 placing pressure on college students and their families, we know millions of students will need tools like SwiftStudent to complete college. Our partners, including Reach Higher, the National Association for Student Financial Aid Administrators (NASFAA), and Generation Hope provided extensive and exhaustive input on the tool, reviewing numerous iterations through the development process."

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Publication Date: 4/16/2020

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