ED Announces Completed Reprocessing of 'Nearly' All of Impacted ISIRs

By Maria Carrasco, NASFAA Staff Reporter

The Department of Education (ED) on Monday announced via an electronic announcement that it has delivered the reprocessed Institutional Student Information Records (ISIRs) of "nearly all" impacted records to institutions and states. Earlier in April, ED announced that about 30% of FAFSA forms were potentially affected by known processing or data errors, and that it planned to reprocess these ISIRs and begin sending them to institutions by May 1. The electronic announcement notes that the reprocessing was completed over the weekend.  

Importantly, ED noted that additional research into the IRS FA-DDX known issues determined that reprocessing some records outlined in Electronic Announcement (GENERAL-24-38) would not result in a change to the data provided on the ISIR. If reprocessing a FAFSA record would not result in an updated ISIR, they did not reprocess that record or send a subsequent transaction.

According to ED, as of Monday, the department has transmitted ISIRs from approximately 8.2 million FAFSA forms to institutions, states, and designated scholarship organizations. Further, per ED’s notice, applicants’ ISIRs are now being sent to institutions and states within 1 to 3 days of submission. 


Publication Date: 4/30/2024

David H | 4/30/2024 6:1:46 PM

As stated above, ED determined that it didn't need to reprocess all the students they previously listed as needing IRS-FA-DDX reprocessing on the institutional reprocessing data lists they sent us in mid-April. They should clarify how much the final reprocessing counts differed from the previous estimates. We don't know if we have already received all our DDX corrections or if we should expect more.

The DDX corrections we received on April 29 were only 15% of the corrections we were expecting based on the previous list. (366 DDX corrections received. 2,341 expected DDX corrections based on the mid-April reprocessing list.)

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