2023 Year in Review: Top 5 Attended NASFAA Webinars

NASFAA’s webinar series had a significantly positive impact for attendees and covered topics related to FAFSA simplification, verification, timely updates from the policy team, and much more.

NASFAA’s webinars consisted of at least monthly online events, and were meticulously designed to engage, educate, and inspire our audience. Interactivity was a key feature, with live Q&A sessions and polls enhancing participant engagement.

Read on for a recap of our five most-attended webinars for 2023 (based on their live and on-demand attendees) and be sure to check out all our recorded webinars which are accessible to our audience on demand.

1.  Policy Update: FAFSA Simplification - September 2023 (6,450 total attendees)

The webinar explored the upcoming changes to the FAFSA, including direct data sharing with the IRS and a streamlined Federal Methodology. Attendees learned more about the latest updates on implementation as we approach the launch of the new FAFSA in December.

2.  Verification: 2024-25 (Extended Edition) - December 2023 (5,986 total attendees)

This webinar reviewed the 2024-25 verification data element and documentation requirements resulting from FAFSA simplification changes to the application process.

3.  FAFSA Simplification: Planning for the Future - June 2023 (5,306 total attendees)

Webinar presenters discussed the changes to be implemented in the 2023-24 award year, as well as changes slated for the 2024-25 award year. Some of these changes include need analysis and the move from utilizing an expected family contribution (EFC) to a student aid index (SAI), changes to professional judgment, and cost of attendance. Other aspects of FAFSA simplification have already been implemented, such as the elimination of SULA, drug conviction, and Selective Service registration requirements.

4.  Policy Update and Final FAFSA Countdown - December 2023 (3,601 total attendees)

The NASFAA Policy Update & Final FAFSA Countdown included the latest updates on what's happening in Washington related to student aid policy and FAFSA Simplification implementation. The Policy Team provided updates on student aid funding, regulatory action, administration initiatives, and much more.

5.  Cost of Attendance: Exceptions and Adjustments - May 2023 (3,364 total attendees)

NASFAA staff and a guest panel of financial aid administrators had an in-depth conversation about crafting the cost of attendance (COA). This 90-minute webinar focused on the additional components, such as dependent care, first professional licensure costs, and disability-related costs, that must be included in the COA when they apply to the student and how they differ from optional professional judgment (PJ) adjustments for special circumstances.


Publication Date: 1/2/2024

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