What Financial Aid Does at Your Institution - By the Numbers

Customize the information below for your institution to justify why financial aid administration is so important.

What Financial Aid Does at (School Name):

  • Of our total (#) students, (__%) receive financial aid from any source. 
    • (__%) of need met on average. 
  • Processes (total aid $) of financial aid from various sources annually. 
  • Manages institutional scholarships, grants, and loans of (institutional aid $), including ensuring eligibility and equity.
  • Receives (#) ISIRS from the Department of Education, leading to (#) aid offers sent.
  • Completes (#) verifications to ensure federal and institutional resources are distributed equitably.
  • Offers, originates, disburses and reconciles (#) Pell Grants of (campus Pell $).
  • Offers, originates, disburses and reconciles (#) Direct Loans of (campus DL $).
    • Our cohort default rate is currently (CDR).
    • Our average indebtedness at graduation is (__%). 
  • Offers, disburses, and reconciles Federal Supplemental Opportunity Grant of (FSEOG allocation)
  • Offers, manages the employment process for (#) FWS students, and reconciles (FWS allocation).
    • Employs (#) students earning ($) each year through institutionally funded positions. 
  • Offers, originates, disburses, reconciles, and manages complex eligibility requirements for ($) in TEACH Grant funds to ensure high-need fields have highly-qualified educators.
  • Completes complex Department of Education reporting, ensuring continued campus-based funds allocations of (FWS and SEOG allocations).
  • Ensures the university stays in compliance with complex federal rules and regulations to avoid costly fines and/or the loss of (total federal $), which is (__%) of campus operating income.

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