NASFAA U Training & Webinar Frequently Asked Questions

What is NASFAA U?

NASFAA U offers a rigorous training experience and evaluation process. Financial aid professionals can earn credentials in a number of specialty areas. The NASFAA U program includes credential exams, training opportunities, and training materials to support professionals in successfully completing their exams.

How can I take a NASFAA U Exam?

Aid professionals can qualify to sit for an examination in the following ways:

What types of tests are given and what is the passing score for the tests in NASFAA U?

You must first complete a NASFAA U qualifying activity to take the corresponding exam. All tests will have a combination of multiple choice, and scenario-based questions. After you complete a test, the system lets you know whether you passed or not. All scores are confidential; instead, a Diagnostic Report will show how you did in each subject area of that test.

When you purchase or access the credential test options, you will automatically receive TWO attempts to take the test. If you do not pass either attempt, re-tests are available

NASFAA recently updated our policy regarding expiration dates for credential testing. All tests purchased prior to April 15, 2017 expired on May 15, 2017. Tests purchased on or after April 15, 2017 must be completed within 40 days of the purchase date. Both the first and second attempts at the test must be utilized within the 40-day testing window. To request a testing period extension, please review our Exam Extension Appeal Policy

If you pass the examination, you can print a certificate attesting to your achievement, for inclusion on your resume.

How much do the NASFAA U tests cost?

The tests cost $99 for members and non-members. Some online courses and other training events include a discount or free testing opportunity; refer to the information for that course or item to determine if that is being offered.

To help prepare for the NASFAA U Credential Test, short test previews are available free of charge. Test previews share the content areas that will be assessed on the test, and provide a few interactive sample test questions.

Please be sure to read the Important Notices and Disclosures before purchasing a NASFAA U test.

What do the online courses in NASFAA U consist of?

These collaborative learning sessions bring minds and ideas together despite distances. Online courses help you become more proficient, more knowledgeable, and more valuable to your organization, and offer you the option to work towards earning a professional credential from NASFAA.

NASFAA training staff will guide you through the course and answer questions. Each three-to-six-week course:

  • Includes a live facilitator
  • Offers video-enhanced lectures, live chat, and meaningful online discussions and resources
  • Provides scheduled office hours for the facilitator so you can interact online in real time
  • Includes quizzes and homework assignments
  • Qualifies learners to take a credential test in the subject area

How much do the NASFAA U Courses cost?

Non-credential courses are $199 for both members and non-members, and $299 to $499 for credential courses. Review the course schedule for prices for each course. Seating is limited per course to ensure that you will receive an effective, collaborative learning environment where participants receive the attention they need, so make sure to register early.

What are Self-Study Guides?

Designed for the self-paced learner, Self-Study Guides enable independent study and include quizzes and self-evaluation, delivered in PDF format. Guides are updated yearly, and can be purchased and downloaded from this site. 

How much do the Self-Study Guides cost?

NASFAA U Self-Study Guides start at $109 for members. See the individual topics for member and non-member pricing.

What are Webinars and On Demand Webinars?

Webinars are interactive sessions held via an online meeting at a specific day and time. On Demand webinars are recordings of the original webinar, allowing you to participate in a professional development event when it is most convenient for you. With one site license, an unlimited number of staff members can view the webinar and download the materials until the stated expiration date. Webinars do not qualify users to take any corresponding NASFAA U exams.

How much do webinars cost?

Webinars are $120 for members and $240 for non-members. All live webinars include access to the On Demand version. The On Demand versions may also be purchased separately. There is no charge for Webinar Package purchasers.

How much is the Webinar Package?

The Webinar Package is $449 and is only available to NASFAA members. Learn more about the benefits of the Webinar Package.

I am interested in the Webinar Package. How do I add it to my membership dues?

Please contact NASFAA Membership Services at or (202) 785-0453 x 1 to add the Webinar Package to your membership.

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