'August's Plight' - A Financial Aid Poem

We hear you — August is hectic, and fall is almost here. To help get through and send a smile your way, we've asked AI to craft a poem about August from a financial aid administrator's perspective. Take a quick break and read "August's Plight." Hang in there, remember you are awesome, and know that NASFAA is here when you need us!


August’s Plight

In August's sweltering embrace, I stand,
A financial aid administrator, hand in hand,
With deadlines looming and paperwork abound,
As the fall semester nears, my heart's tightly wound.

The sun's scorching rays mirror my plight,
As I toil in the heat, day and night,
The students' cries for help echo through the air,
Their dreams and aspirations, my constant care.

The calendar flips, and the workload grows,
Like waves crashing on shores, it ebbs and flows,
Emails pour in like a torrential rain,
Each one seeking solace from the financial strain.

With every correspondence, a unique tale I learn,
Of hardships faced and dreams to discern,
I sift through the forms, each line I scrutinize,
Seeking paths to aid, compassion in my eyes.

The clock ticks louder as August goes by,
Days slipping through my fingers, oh, how they fly,
But still, I strive, my heart filled with zeal,
To ensure each student finds a pathway to appeal.

Though weary and burdened, I won't back down,
For each success, a student's joy I've found,
To grant a scholarship, an ounce of relief,
To ease their journey, amid college's grief.

So, August, my comrade, though harsh and fast,
I'll navigate the challenges, unsurpassed,
For in this relentless race against the clock,
I find purpose, knowing lives we unlock.

As the fall semester dawns, a new chapter begins,
And despite the chaos, my spirit it wins,
For in aiding these students, I find my soul's wealth,
And bring light to their dreams, in togetherness.

Disclaimer: This poem was created using AI software, and NASFAA is not the owner. The content generated by AI is based on patterns and data, and while curated by NASFAA, it is not an original work produced by NASFAA's team. The intention is to provide insights, inspiration, and support within the realm of financial aid administration.


Publication Date: 8/11/2023

Patricia S | 8/14/2023 4:15:34 PM

Excellent poem...will written Thank you.

William M | 8/11/2023 12:17:20 PM

It could be worse. It could be from a member of the Massachusetts association involving an aid administrator from Nantucket .

Craig S | 8/11/2023 11:47:20 AM

A number of years ago, David Bartnicki recited a poem he wrote at a TASFAA (TN) conference. Another year, he rapped a song he wrote. I'd love to get my hands on those.

Tony L | 8/11/2023 11:2:17 AM

Thank you for the disclaimer! Before I read that, I thought "Who's Al? I don't remember anyone named Al working at NASFAA..." LOL

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