OTC From the Field: Making Sense of the Midterm Elections and What Comes Next for Higher Ed

This week on a special episode of “Off The Cuff,” Justin is joined by Lanae Erickson, senior vice president for social policy & politics at Third Way, to sort through the impact that last week’s midterm elections will have on higher education policy for the 118th Congress. Justin and Lanae cover the latest news on leadership dynamics in both chambers and the varying policy debates that will likely take center stage in a divided government, and discuss how the higher education system can best deliver strong outcomes for students. Lanae also provides listeners with the results of polling on public perception of both political parties and discusses how the student loan portfolio could be complicated by the legal challenges to Biden’s debt cancellation plan.


Justin Draeger Lanae Erikson Hugh Ferguson
Justin Draeger
President and CEO, NASFAA
Lanae Erickson
Senior Vice President for Social Policy & Politics at Third Way
Hugh Ferguson
Senior Reporter / Podcast Producer


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Publication Date: 11/18/2022

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