National Conference Frequently Asked Questions

Where and when is the NASFAA National Conference?

The Conference is held in June in locations across the country. The Events Calendar page lists future conference dates and locations.

When can I register for the conference?

Registration generally opens for attendees in January. Visit the Conference website for more information.

Is the national conference an institutional or individual registration?

While in-person conferences are always purchased at the individual level, virtual conferences are done at the institutional level. This means once one person has purchased and signed up for the virtual conference, everyone at that institution now has access to participate. 

Have I paid for my conference registration?

To find out if you have already paid for your NASFAA conference registration, visit the Transactions tab of the myNASFAA portal – upcoming events and payment status will be listed. Alternatively, you can contact NASFAA Membership Services at [email protected] or (202) 785-0453 x 1.

How can I pay for my conference registration?

If you have already registered but still need to pay, you may log in to review and pay open invoices online, pay with a credit card via fax to (202) 785-1487, or mail the payment to:

1801 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Suite 850
Washington, DC 20006-3606

Why does NASFAA charge a cancellation fee for conference registrations?

NASFAA allows everyone to register for conferences without payment at time of registration. The cancellation fee is an administrative fee that covers staff time and overhead needed to send invoices for the registration fee and to process cancellations and/or issue refunds as needed. The cancellation fee escalates as the conference approaches because the conference hotels need meal count guarantees, which means expenses increase the later a cancellation is processed. The fee also deters individuals from registering to reserve a hotel room without actually knowing whether they are able to attend.

Who do I contact about my conference registration?

If you need further assistance with registration, contact NASFAA Membership Services at [email protected] or (202) 785-0453 x 1.

Am I able to book my hotel before registering for the conference?

No. You must register for the conference prior to booking your hotel room. Once you have received your conference registration via email, there will be a link provided so that you are able to book your hotel room.

How do I edit my Registration info?

You may edit your registration by going to the Transactions/Involvement tab under your myNASFAA Account. Once you have logged in, select "Edit" next to your conference registration in order to make any necessary updates and changes. Please note that you are unable to cancel your registration by editing it. If you need to cancel your registration, you are able to do so by submitting the Cancellation/Change of Attendee Form.

Can I get Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) for attending the NASFAA Conference?

Yes. Attendees should link to our conference program to their CEU certified organization to obtain credits.

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